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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your Khayphone related questions.

How do you buy my phone?


 1) Offer you a price based on the information you provide.

2) If you accept the price, we arrange with you to receive the device and inspect it.

3)  Once received we quickly inspect the device and if as described we pay you the same day into your bank account. 

What if the device is not as described?

If the device has any major faults or is cosmetically not as you described we’ll contact you with a full report and images to make a revised offer.

If you accept the offer, we complete the transaction as normal.

Remember as long as the device is as you described, the offer will NEVER change.


What if I don’t accept the revised offer??

That’s of course fine. Your device will be returned to you by secure courier and you will have nothing to pay.

Why don’t you pay me when you collect the phone?

To cover the whole of Thailand and to get you the best price for your phone, we use Kerry Logistics for the collection. The Kerry courier cannot test your phone and make a payment to you.

How do I send the phone to you?

Currently there are 3 options:

Option 1 – Our secure courier (Kerry Logistics) can collect it from you. You will receive a receipt as proof you sent us the phone. We’ll confirm as soon as we receive it.

Option 2 – You can bring it to our office (address below).

Option 3 – You can send the phone to us yourself at the below address. Note: If you send it to us yourself, we are only responsible for it once we receive it. Please make sure you pack it and send it safely.


My Phone is not listed on your website. Will you still buy it?

All the phones we buy are listed on our site. If it’s not listed, we don’t currently buy it. Sorry.

Why do you need my National ID number or passport number?

There are 2 reasons we need this information. Firstly, it is a legal requirement in Thailand that any company buying used phones, confirms the identification of the seller. This helps to stop people selling phones that do not belong to them. Secondly, it allows the courier company to quickly collect your device (if our courier is collecting the phone). We value your privacy very highly and would never allow a 3rd party to access to your information

Do you accept phones locked to a network?

We cannot buy phones locked to networks. You can ask your network to remove the lock. Once unlocked we can happily buy the phones.

How can I trust you with my phone?

We understand it’s hard to trust someone with your property. Khayphone is here to build trust. We do this by:

Making sure we use a trusted courier. Kerry Logistics is Thailand’s safest.

Kerry provide a receipt for your package, so you have proof you sent it to us.

We’ll update you every step of the way

Check out our Facebook reviews to see what our customers think.

Send us a message to see how we respond.

Our address is clearly displayed on our website

Do you accept foreign phones?

We can accept phones from Europe and Asia without reducing the price we pay you. They don’t have to be Thai stock. Phones from USA, Japan and Korea may however be a lower price. Unfortunately, the spec of these phones is unpopular, and they are difficult to sell.

Why should I sell to you instead of a phone shop?

1) Transparent Pricing – We give you a guaranteed price instantly.

2) Convenience – Don’t spend hours walking round phone shops trying to argue over price. Get an instant online price from us then, we’ll come to collect it from you.

3) Speed – We’ll always make payments the minute the inspection has been completed.

Do you accept refurbished phones?

We may accept refurbishes phones on some models. The price will be less than unaltered devices.